I’ve always believed that people who cook can be separated into two different groups, chefs or bakers. I enjoy cooking and grilling but when it comes down to it, I’m a baker and I think that is something that runs on my Mom’s side of the family. Most years we go to my hometown for Thanksgiving and my mom makes two to four pies. But this 2020 and nothing is normal. It was the year of staying at home, so we had Thanksgiving at our house which meant I was making the pies this year.

Thanksgiving Butter
Butter on the cutting board.

There are a few things I enjoy about baking. I enjoy following recipes and making sure I use the exact amounts that are called for in the recipe. I hate the phrase “a pinch of salt.” I also enjoy making my own crust. When I make crusts from scratch, I feel like I have a connection to my grandmothers. There wasn’t remade crust back then. I can remember sitting in my Granny’s kitchen while she was baking. She would make take the leftover crust and make little mini pies for us.

Thanksgiving Flour
Flour in the food processor

The recipe I use for my crust came from the Food Network. It makes a wonderful crust but the real reason I like it you make it in the food processor. Just because I’m making it from scratch doesn’t mean I like to do it the hard way. I tried that, cutting in the butter with that weird knife thing, no thank you.

Thanksgiving Sugar
Thanksgiving crust
Thanksgiving rolling pin
Thanksgiving pecan pie
Thanksgiving pecan pie
Thanksgiving pies