When most people think of product shots, they think of a silhouetted product on a white background. Some people call these silos. We called them C.O.B., cut-out background, at the agency I worked for 15 years. For e-commerce applications, these work fine. But they don’t be that way. Here are three examples of how you could present your product. I used this beer can from New Province Brewing Co. because I love their label design.⁠

The first photo is pretty much straight out of the camera. I lit the can and the background to be popped right onto the website with minimal retouching. This is a good option if you have items that would be hard to C.O.B. However, in most cases, you will have more versatility if you C.O.B. your product.⁠

I C.O.B.ed the can in the second photo, made a fake curved background, and added a shadowed and reduced natural reflection. This is usually the best option because you control the background color. ⁠

In the third photo, I took the same can photo and spiced up the background by replicating the label design. Again, with a little more work, the results can be very eye-catching. ⁠

Companies have a greater need for quality photography, from websites to social media to print. So give me a call if you want your products to stand out from the rest. ⁠

New Province Brewery
New Province Brewery COB
New Province Brewery Background