Way back at the beginning of July, House Beautiful contacted me to shoot a house for one of their upcoming issues. It was an RV that they converted into a cute tiny home in Southwest Missouri. It turned out the timing was perfect. I was scheduled to shoot a house in Chicago that week, so my equipment would be packed. It was a pretty fun week. I went from shooting a four-story home in Bucktown on Monday to shooting a four-room house on Friday. I’m so happy with the way the images turned out. Hope did a fantastic job styling the home. Check your newsstands for the October issue of House Beautiful today.

House Beautiful-Camper-Kitchen
House Beautiful FIreplace
House Beautiful RV - Bunk beds
House Beautiful-Camper-Bunk Beds
House Beautiful RV - Toys
House Beautiful RV - Main Area
House Beautiful RV - Kitchen
House Beautiful RV - Kitchen
RV Stove
Master Bedroom
House Beautiful-RV-Exterior